Executive Committee

The executive committee meets each month, just before the Chairpersons meeting, which is the first Wednesday of each month.
The 2020 executive:

  • President: Frances Blake
  • 1st Vice President: Saundra Keayes
  • 2nd Vice President: Joy St. John
  • 3rd Vice President: Rita Solkin
  • Secretary: Anne Ladouceur
  • Treasurer: Gloria Haug
  • Past President: Carole Wylie

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Activity Group Committees

Century House has about 50 Activity Groups.

The groups operate under a Policies and Procedures Agreement (“The Yellow Book”).

(click image to read it)

Each Activity Group elects its own Committee to oversee its activities. Each Activity Committee includes a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer, with additional members if required.


  • The Chairpersons meet first Wednesday of each month with the Association Executive, Century House Manager and Staff. They share information, discuss and make policies, review financial reports, and consult on special events being planned at Century House.
  • The May and November Chairpersons Meetings are OPEN and all members are invited to contribute suggestions and opinions. First Wednesday of the month.
  • Minutes of 2018 meetings: February  March April   May  June November
  • Minutes of 2019 meetings: February  March  May  June  August October November December
  • Minutes of 2020 meetings: February

To learn about individual activities, use the navigation at the top of the page, starting from Activities.

Last Reviewed on 2020-09-25