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Century House Association, New West, B.C.

Century House Association, New Westminster, B.C.


The Clarion is a monthly summary of what’s coming up at Century House. It’s available in paper form at the front desk, but the latest issue will always be here.

We always announce a new Clarion via a blog post, and on our blog page you can subscribe to get an e-mail notification whenever we post a new item.

The viewer in each of the post below has numerous commands for your viewing preferences. Try them out sometime, we think you’ll like them.

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February Clarion

January 20, 2023
The February Clarion newsletter lists coming events at Century House.
Clarion cover

January 2023 Clarion

December 16, 2022
Monthly newsletter with details of coming events and activities.

December Clarion

November 23, 2022
The December issue of the Clarion newsletter is here.  This means that registration is now open for most things listed in it. 
Clarion cover

November Clarion

October 21, 2022
The November newsletter includes how to register for the Sock Hop Nov. 16 and the Jazz Cats Social Nov. 19 - and much more.

October Clarion

September 22, 2022
The October Clarion newsletter lists coming events and activities.

September Clarion

August 26, 2022
Newsletter presents upcoming activities, events, and more.