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Century House Association

Century House Association, New West, B.C.

Century House Association, New Westminster, B.C.

About Century House

About Us

At Century House adults 50+ can explore opportunities to enjoy activities, programs, events and social connections within a welcoming and supportive community of peers

We help members maintain a meaningful life by staying connected.

Situated in beautiful Moody Park, Century House was officially opened on July 23, 1958 by Her Royal Highness, Princess Margaret and has been serving the community since. It’s one of the oldest municipally run seniors centres in Canada.

We continue today as a leading-edge seniors centre.


to an event, a class, a presentation, a trip (activity and involvement)


connection with peers and friends, get fit, learn a new skill, have fun (personal benefits)


help and support to others, service to the community (giving back)

Century House and Century House Association work together to provide activities for seniors. The city owns the building and the land, and pays for the staff, maintenance, upkeep and operations of the building. The volunteer-driven Association works with the staff to provide activities and programs for all the members to enjoy, and volunteers run dozens of drop-in activities every week. More about the Association.

The Active Living Guide and The Clarion, our monthly publications, outline the diverse services that we provide to adults 50+ to increase their quality of life and independence with life-enriching opportunities in fitness, wellness, education, language skills, arts, music, games and counselling.