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Century House Association

Century House Association, New West, B.C.

Century House Association, New Westminster, B.C.


Q. Is the Clarion out yet?
A. The Clarion comes out near the end of each month.

Q. How do I get a phone number for an Activity Group?
A. Please contact Century House Front Desk – 604-519-1066

Q. Is Century House open in the evenings?A. It depends on the time of year.

Q. I’m wondering about your fitness classes, how hard are they?
A. All classes can be done at your own pace. If you haven’t been doing exercise classes for a period of time we suggest you start with Better Balance.

Q. Does the café menu change weekly?
A. Yes, it does, and it will be listed here. Please call to pre-order your lunch at 604-519-1066

Q. What are the hours for lunch?
A. 11:30 – 1:00 p.m.

Q. Is the game of pool played at Century House?
A. No, only snooker.

Q. Can you rent space at Century House?
A. Please call the Front Office for assistance 604-519-1066

Q. Can I donate yarn and material to Century House Crafts?
A. Yes, please call the Activity Group Chair to find out their needs. You can get the number from the Front Desk 604-519-1066

Q. Do you take books, magazines, puzzles, and videos?
A. Yes sometimes, Please call the Front Desk to see if there is a need.

Q. How do I search for something on this site?
A. There is a magnifying glass icon at the right end of the main menu (top of page). Click it to get a box into which you can type as much or as little detail as you like.  Press Enter to start the search. You will be given a page of search results. Note that on that dark window there is an X on the right side to close it.

Q. How do I navigate around this site?
A. There are two menu bars at the top of each page. Each option leads you to a section, or sometimes to an individual page. Only the About menu item has a sub-menu. There are also navigation links at the bottom of every page

Q. Can I register here for a Zoom meeting?
A. Only if the meeting is listed in the Clarion or a specific announcement in the blog, in which case you’ll see a registration link.

Q. Can we sign up for (Association event) online?

You can sign up online for regular City-run programs, but many Association-run events
have variables that make it complicated, such as member/nonmember pricing.

Some people find the online system difficult; many who try it end up calling us anyway.

We also get questions about special needs and special cases—situations that the online system can’t be programmed for.

Considering all that, we’ve decided it’s easier to ask members to sign up for these events by visiting the front desk or calling 604-519-1066.

Q. Where are the fitness programs?
A. Fitness and other programs run by City staff must be booked through the City website and have a registration fee. More detail on these activities is available on this site in the Clarion newsletter, or on the City’s Active Living Guide & Brochures page.

Q. What is Zoom?

A. Zoom is a centralized service supporting online meetings. Century House has an account that lets us host such meetings.  

It’s free to use as a participant. You can use a desktop or laptop, smartphone or tablet, Apple or Android.
You don’t need a Zoom account unless you want to host a meeting, and that can be free too, if you keep it small.

Q. How do I get started?

A. For some meetings we ask you to register beforehand, so we know how many to expect (some meetings have a maximum capacity).

Whether it comes directly from us or after you register, you will get an invitation to the meeeting, with a link in it.

Your first meeting invitation will lead you through the very simple process of installing a small piece of software that handles the connection to the central service. you will be asked if it’s OK to install it.  It’s safe and free, so go ahead.

The meeting host can walk you through setup, but if you would like some help, just email us and we’ll set something up.

Q. How do I join a meeting?

A. You will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.  Don’t forget when you get the confirmation you will look for the words “click here to join”, click there a few minutes before the session.

Last Reviewed on 2023-01-09