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Century House Association

Century House Association, New West, B.C.

Century House Association, New Westminster, B.C.

Advocacy workshop

Advocacy 101

Thursday, March 14  2—4 p.m.

In this fourth of an ongoing series of events of how seniors can successfully advocate around those issues that affect their daily lives, the focus will be squarely on identifying and developing the tools of successful advocacy.

It will feature opening remarks from former New Westminster provincial MLA and Federal MP, Dawn Black, a long time passionate advocate for women, families and the underprivileged.

This will be followed by a presentation from the City on decision makers and where to find them and then a breakout workshop session on advocacy skills development.

This event is sponsored by the Time for Change Seniors Have Voices group, a partnership between Century House and the City of New Westminster.

This is your chance to pick up the tips and tricks of successful advocacy so sign up now.

This is a free event but registration is required so please contact the Century House front desk (604) 519-1066.

Last Reviewed on 2024-03-08

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