Century House Association

Century House Association, New West, B.C.

Century House Association, New Westminster, B.C.

In Motion

In Motion

Line Dancing

Practise your grapevine and get some exercise in this fun, low impact dance program. Registration is ongoing. You can be added to the waitlist.    If you have any questions, please ask at the front office. Watch the Clarion newsletter for further announcements.

Square Dance

What We Do: Teach you how to Square Dance and Round Dance with lessons accommodating all skill levels. Important to Know: Discover the healthy benefits of Square and Round dancing.  If you have never square danced before come in at noon on a Monday morning and we will have you dancing some basic steps in a few …

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What We Do: Pickleball is a court sport.It is played with paddles similar to ping pong bats and plastic balls with holes in them.The court is smaller than a tennis court and the ball is hit over a net similar to tennis.It can be played as singles or doubles. Our main purpose is to have fun, …

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Darts Club

Go for the bull’s-eye! Welcome to all players, new and experienced. Remember how much fun it was playing Darts with family and friends years ago? Wondering how you can get involved with the game again? If you have played darts before it is just like riding a bike, something you never forget! If you have …

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Carpet Bowling

What We Do: Carpet bowling has been a popular activity at Century House since before 1989. At that time there were as many as 6 to 10 carpets in play. Century House teams participated enthusiastically in various Tournaments around the Lower Mainland. Over the years the membership slowly fell off as members aged, moved away or …

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What We Do: We play doubles badminton and follow the simplified Badminton Rules. Important to Know: If you are not sure this is your game, come for a tryout, no experience necessary. We have rackets and slow speed shuttlecocks for beginners. You can drop in any time, play for a few games. We have members from age 50 – 80+ who come …

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Table Tennis

What We Do: We really have a good time and much fun playing here. Important to Know: The table tennis group was formed about ten years ago by Barrie Morlin. It now has 60 members and this is the maximum for the current space and number of tables. All the members look forward to a Potluck …

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Sunday Dance

What We Do: Dance, dance, dance! Important to Know: Occasionally we have special theme dances. A selection of photos from the group’s December 1, 2019 Christmas Dinner Dance. Thanks to Betty Young for the pictures. Click on one to enlarge; then you can scroll through them.

Snooker/Games Room Group

What We Do:The Snooker/Pool Room has 4 slate tables, 5′ x 10′, and all of the supporting equipment required for both new and old members. The tables are kept in excellent shape by the management committee and are enjoyed by all who participate. Current membership is between 45 and 50 players. November 2022 marked the …

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Century House Walkers

What We Do: Our walks take us all over the Lower Mainland using transit – from Pitt River Airport to Steveston to Ambleside Park in all types of weather. Our walks take anywhere from an hour for local walks to several hours for distant ones each. The Walking Club has been a part of Century …

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