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Century House Association

Century House Association, New West, B.C.

Century House Association, New Westminster, B.C.

SET UP FOR LIFE technology festival



SET Up For Life is a technology festival especially for seniors.
Brought to you by S.E.T. (Seniors Embracing Technology, a group of seniors from Century House).

The global pandemic has shown us all how valuable technology can be in connecting us to our family, friends and community. The festival will look back at what we have learned and discuss how to use this knowledge in new ways.

We’ve scheduled 11 sessions over three days. Some are in-person at Century House (with snacks!), some are online via Zoom, and some offer both options.

  • For session registrations, please see the May Clarion –page 8– where we list the sessions with links for registration. We appreciate pre-registrations because they tell us how many people to expect.
  • For an overview and session descriptions, please view the Festival Program Guide, below.

Last Reviewed on 2022-06-30

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