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Century House Association

Century House Association, New West, B.C.

Century House Association, New Westminster, B.C.

Talk NewWest

Century House Window on the City

Talk NewWest: Century House Window on the City was an online news magazine program hosted by Curt Albertson from late 2020 to spring 2022.  It’s still good reading. 

Interviews and Features

Century House Association president Frances Blake discusses reopening, including memberships. Last Reviewed on 2021-07-21

Bits & Bytes

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Some older videos no longer appear here, but they are available in our Youtube playlist.

Talk NewWest is a project of SET: Seniors Embracing Technology and the temporary OCTOPUS program.  The production team includes Curt Albertson (producer, editor and host), Tim Hicks (technical lead), and Shelly Schnee (advisor and Century House coordination), with SET coordination by Joy St. John. And a special mention of the Talk NewWest research contributions of Pat Macdonald who has since moved on to different Century House projects.