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Century House Association

Century House Association, New West, B.C.

Century House Association, New Westminster, B.C.

Bursary Committee

In fall 2023, the committee announced the recipients of our $750 bursaries for the 2023 school year. Selected from 39 applicants were Taya Bachra, Anastasia Petrovic, and Zinnia Wang.

In spring 2024, we are reviewing 32 new applications.

The Bursary Committee was started in 1998 to raise funds to provide a bursary to a Grade 12 student going on to post-secondary education.  Its stated purpose was to advance education by providing bursaries based on academic merit, volunteer work and community involvement to high school graduates who have been accepted in a post secondary institution.

The original plan was to give one bursary of $500 annually. Since that time, Bursaries have been given every year. Depending on funds raised, the number of Bursaries given each year has ranged from one to four, in amounts of $500 and $650.

Interested students make application for consideration. They provide such information as education plans, high school experience, marks, volunteer work, community involvement, and any other information they feel is appropriate and helpful. Committee members carefully review and discuss each application and make their decisions. It is often very difficult to choose among many qualified and deserving applicants.

All monies are the result of fund-raising and occasional donations from interested individuals. Fund-raising is done through special entertainment events, pancake breakfasts, etc.

Would you consider making a donation of any amount to our bursaries? You may do so at the Century House office by specifying that it is a donation to the Bursary Committee. Donations of $20 or more are tax deductible. We appreciate your help.

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