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Century House Association

Century House Association, New West, B.C.

Century House Association, New Westminster, B.C.

Scanning in for activities

Starting July 2, 2024,  all CHA activity groups are asked to scan into their activity at the front desk.

We have had many questions regarding this request so I hope that the below information provides you with an adequate understanding, enough to share with your groups. If you do have any follow up questions, please connect with Century House staff for further instruction.

Scanning helps staff to better understand the usage of the Century House rooms on a given day – this supports the collection of accurate statistics on participation numbers and attendance, and appropriate allocation of facility spaces.

All activity groups (Monday – Saturday) are requested to scan into their activity at the front desk starting July 2nd. Participants can scan in 30 minutes ahead of their activity, or anytime throughout the duration of the activity. You are not able to scan in prior to 30 minutes ahead.

Some group leaders may decide to collect all membership cards and bring them to the front desk to scan at the start of the activity. This is perfectly acceptable.

Scanning will take place at the front desk, please scan your card and let the attendant know which activity you are heading to.

If you forget your card, you can provide your phone number to the office attendant who will help sign you in.

If someone is trying out an activity and does not yet have a membership, they are not required to scan.
New participants should still visit the front office to pick-up a guest pass.

Last Reviewed on 2024-06-11