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Century House Association

Century House Association, New West, B.C.

Century House Association, New Westminster, B.C.

Art at Century House

Have you noticed the works of art around Century House?

There are two mosaic works outside the front door, a quilt from Japan in the Douglas Room, and a ceramic work near the greeters’ desk.


The Mosaic Pod of the 2013  Heart2Art project is now at the front entrance of Century House. The three panels represent, from left to right,  the path of life from youth through maturity to senior years.

This beautiful creation is the work of: Artist Carolyn McLauglin, Youth Leader Marc Massicotte and Senior Leader Betty Dockerill.

Mosaic artwork has been telling the story of civilizations for countless centuries. As well as aesthetically beautiful, mosaic tile is strong and durable. In the City of New Westminster, mosaic art tiles are created to capture the rich history and stories of our wonderful neighbourhoods.

Over time, it is our aim to have dozens – perhaps hundreds – of mosaic art tiles installed throughout New Westminster. For now, you can learn more about a few of our interesting and diverse neighbourhoods through stories captured in mosaic art.

The city website has more about the many beautiful tiles around the city here.

Thumbprints of New Westminster

What is that big brown display on the wall near the Hosts’ desk in the front lobby?

Thumbprints of  New Westminster” was designed and made by the Century House Ceramics Group to commemorate New Westminster’s 150th Anniversary. It is a collection of scenes and symbols representative of the City over the decades.

This beautiful and distinctive work is dedicated to Century House. It was presented to the City at a special ceremony on July 25, 2009.

Why not take a moment on your way in or out of the building to admire this example of the artistic talent of our potters? Something is sure to strike a memory chord.

Osaka Quilt

Have you noticed this beautiful quilt on the wall in the Douglas Room?

It was made for the Quilt Osaka 2001 Exhibition in Japan by artists from Moriguchi, a satellite city to Osaka just as New West is to Vancouver. The exhibition featured this album quilt and nine quilts sent from New Westminster. Moriguchi City and New Westminster have had various sister city exchanges since 1963, but this was the first time we had exchanged and exhibited quilts.

In May 2002 the Moriguchi album quilt was sent across the Pacific Ocean to be exhibited in New Westminster at a quilt festival. It was then displayed at City Hall and other city facilities. The hope is for cultural exchanges between the two cities to continue to grow and prosper.

Last Reviewed on 2022-06-15