Anyone 50 years or better is welcome to join the Century House Association.

We charge a nominal annual membership fee of $20 to cover on-going expenses.
Membership is required for most activities.

  • Memberships will be active for 364 days after purchase. We no longer offer prorated memberships.
  • Guests may use a Guest Pass to “try us out” for up to three visits before taking the plunge to join.
  • You don’t have to be a member to use Senior Peer Counselling, Vital Connections, or the lunch program.
  • Additional fees can be charged for program supplies, registration based programs, special events, food and fitness services. Some events with fees have a reduced rate for Century House members.
  • If you have any questions please inquire at the Century House front desk.

You’ll meet other members in:

  • Instructional classes led by qualified instructors
  • Day excursions
  • Special events
  • Social Lounge
  • State of the art exercise room
  • Intergenerational experiences with the co-located Youth Centre

Policies & Procedures

Please read our Policies and Procedures Manual to understand the rules under which we’ve agreed to operate.

Last Reviewed on 2021-09-22

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