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As we have mentioned the Parks and Recreation Department
will be changing software which will affect how we do business at Century House. With this change come some department policy changes as well. The new software (Perfect Mind) and the new policies will take effect starting on Tuesday February 20, 2018.
Refunds are not provided for:
• Programs offered by third party service providers.
• Missed classes/sessions where the customer has not
withdrawn from the program.
• No refunds will be issued after the end of the second class.
• There will be a $10.00 withdrawal fee for withdraws
between start of class and six days prior.
Requests for exceptions will be reviewed by the centre
If you are a New Westminster resident you can apply for a
subsidy for programs offered by the Parks and Recreation
Department. There is some income testing to determine if
you qualify. Each customer who qualifies for a subsidy will
have $200 each year to apply to 50% of program costs. At
the start of each year customers who quality for a subsidy
will have $200 applied to their account in Perfect Mind.
Inquire at the front office for more information.
For the new software system every client/customer needs
an email address. If you need help getting one for yourself
come by Century House: 3:30 – 5:00 pm Tuesday,
February 13 to Friday, February 16. We will have youth
volunteers assist you. You don’t need to have a computer
at home to get an email account. Drop by at your convenience
during the times noted above. If you think we do not have your email address, drop by the front desk and let us know.

Inspiration Day 2018


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