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Century House Association, New West, B.C.

Century House Association, New Westminster, B.C.

Update Nov. 18, 2021



City program brochures

Two new City brochures are available, covering programs January–March 2022.
The wide-ranging Active Living Guide is available here.
The Winter Warmup guide to instructional classes is also out now.

Registration opens for New West residents November 25.
Registration for Century House Association programs (the ones that don’t use the city computer system) opens, as usual, when the Clarion appears.

Talk NewWest

The seeds of the Abbotsford flooding disaster were planted over 100 years ago. A short but informative CBC National documentary explains the whys and wherefores. Head over to the Bits and Bytes column on the Talk NewWest page.

Speaking of emergencies

Fire? Flood? Earthquake? Rain of locusts? It seems that anything could happen next these days.  Maybe it’s time to revisit this useful BC Government guide to making a grab-and-go bag.

Zoom meeting captions

Do you ever have trouble following what people are saying in a Zoom meeting? We have enabled captions on most of our Zoom acccounts so you can read what people are saying (Zoom does a live transcription.)

When you’re in a Zoom meeting, if you see an option on the command row you can click it to request captions.
If you’re the first to request it for that meeting, there will be a brief delay while the host approves it, and then you should see captions. You can move them, resize them, etc.

If anyone requests them during a meeting, the host will show you the options.  [Note: not all our hosts are up to speed on this so please be patient]

Giving Tuesday

Some of us plan our charitable donations around Giving Tuesday, which is November 30 this year. Some participating organizations match public donations on this, the Tuesday after the shopping spree of Black Friday.

Today we want to mention that the Seniors Services Society of BC is organizing its annual Santa for Seniors campaign designed to provide gifts and bring smiles to seniors in our neighborhood who are least likely to receive a gift during the holiday season. The details are here.

And of course Giving Tuesday also supports “CENTURY HOUSE SENIOR CITIZENS ACTIVITY ASSOCIATION.”

Last Reviewed on 2021-11-18

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