Century House Association

Century House Association, New West, B.C.

Century House Association, New Westminster, B.C.

Update Feb. 19



Closed Monday

We’re closed for Family Day in B.C. on Monday February 21.
But here are some ideas from the city for the weekend.

Coming soon

The March Clarion should be out Tuesday, with some nifty new things such as a dessert evening and a St. Patrick’s Day bingo.  And we’re just putting the finishing touches on the process for fitness services at Century House; there are lots of details we have to nail down so it’s all as clear as possible.

Free webinars on Aging Your Way

The national seniors’ advocacy organization Canage offers two free webinars presented with the Toronto Public Library as part of an educational speaker series called “Aging your Way: Creating an Age-Inclusive Canada, Together.”

  • On February 25 (8–9 a.m. PST) “Healthy Sleep”  is about the importance of sleep as we age and what research tells us about sleep when it comes to our mental health, learning and memory.
  • On March 15 (10—11 a.m. PST)  “Mapping Your Aging Journey (part 1)” looks at what to consider if you want to live at home as long as possible.

Details and registration for both sessions.

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