Century House Association

Century House Association, New West, B.C.

Century House Association, New Westminster, B.C.

Update Oct. 1



Talk NewWest

The downside of digital restaurant menus as well as answers to how much water should you really drink are two new additions to the Talk NewWest Bits and Bytes column. Just click on the link and thanks for watching!

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Transit Travel Training  Oct. 5

Have you been off transit for a while? Get tips for using the bus in the New Normal, as well as various ways to make your trip easier.   Limited registration so book now!
Tuesday Oct. 5  10:00 – noon

Cultural Café for Seniors
This event has limited availability, so get in soon!   The New Westminster Spokes Committee is inviting local seniors of diverse ethno-cultural backgrounds to a Cultural Café at Century House to discuss Racism & Discrimination and share how we can all create a safe, welcoming and inclusive community for seniors in New Westminster.
Fri., Oct. 22  1:30–3:30

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