Century House Window on the City

Talk New West is a news magazine online video program that features stories relevant to Century House members. Its primary focus will be stories from both the lives of Century House members as well as seniors from the larger New Westminster community. Other occasional features will branch out to include other topics relevant to seniors. Here’s a New West Record article from February 2021.

Wildfire smoke monitor

An online tool that helps protect your health from the effects of wildfire smoke.

Hark! How do we hear?

The physics of sound may sound like a topic that most of us would save for another day but pitch that same topic another way, for instance “what would a piano sound like on Mars” and that may just pique your interest. Talk NewWest, the Summer Edition, offers up a visualizing interesting, accessible, and short documentary on interplanetary sound. See it here.

Century House Reopening July 2021

Century House is  is opening up post pandemic (we hope). Frances Blake, Century House Association president provides an overview:

Summer break

Your producer/host, Curt Albertson; his story producer extraordinaire, Pat McDonald; technical wizard, Tim Hicks; and Talk New West are taking a break for the summer. We won’t be entirely gone; there will be the occasional feature and we will let you know when they are posted on the TNW webpage. In the meantime there are lots of archival interviews; if you haven’t seen them, now is as good a time as any to check them out. We will be back with regular programming in September. Thanks for watching!

UBC Pharmacists Clinic and your medications

Got concerns about the amount of medications you are taking? The UBC Pharmacists Clinic is available to help. And soon there will be a collaboration between that Clinic and Century House. We have a preview.

Internet partnership to help seniors

A new Century House partnership to help connect some of those seniors left behind to the internet will be coming our way in short order. 

Eye Care

We only get one set of eyes and as we age we need to pay more attention to them. This edition of Talk NewWest has some hints. Plus there is a supplementary document with even more eye-saving info.


The just completed local Muslim holy month of Ramadan had to adapt to life in a pandemic for the second year in a row. We take a closer look at how it adapted and the celebration in general. 

Farmers’ Market

From cheese to chocolate to smoked salmon to whiskey and wine and everything in between, the 2021 edition of the New Westminster Farmers’ Market has something for everyone.

The summer market is open Thursdays from 3-3:15 p.m. for priority entrance (seniors, those with small children, and others with mobility concerns). 3:15-7 p.m. is general entrance.   No dogs, and please wear a mask. Enter at the Queens Avenue end of the Tipperary Park parking lot; exit in front of City Hall.

Asian Giant Hornets

The Asian Giant Hornet, aka The Murder Hornet, wants to make BC its new home. Talk NewWest gets an update on the Province’s ongoing efforts to stop this incursion. 


Podcasts can be both informative as well as entertaining. But given their sheer numbers, how do you find your way to ones you want.   We have some hints from Liz Hunter of the New West Public Library. 

Below, you can also read Liz’s slides and handouts for podcasts (both PDF files).

Jane’s Walks

Despite the pandemic the annual Jane’s Walks is back in New Westminster. Century House member and walkers’ advocate Mary Wilson joins this edition of Talk NewWest to fill us in.

Maritime disaster

Talk NewWest presents a dramatic retelling of the worst maritime disaster in BC history.

S.S. Valencia

Honour House

A look back and a look forward at Honour House, the New Westminster-based refuge for military personnel and first responders with medical problems.

Laughter and Joy

Janice Bannister discusses her new Zoom program, which starts April 7 and runs to May 5. Details are on page 9 of the April Clarion

Oral Healthcare with Jessica Dube

Jessica Dube explains why proper and effective oral healthcare can prolong a healthy life.

COVID interview with Dr. Henry

On Global News, reporter Keith Baldry conducted a terrific feature interview with Dr. Bonnie Henry, currently BC’s most recognizable face. Dr. Henry offers personal reflections on the province’s year long battle against COVID19. Here’s the link.

Google Maps with Tim Hicks

Talk New West builds on a recent Century House Google Maps webinar hosted by presenter Tim Hicks but with a focus on just the “how to get from A to B” feature of Google Maps. 

Behind the Scenes with the Irish Pirate

We go behind the scenes with the Century House Players’ Eileen Mackenzie, the creator of “Grace O’Malley: the Irish Pirate,” currently running on the Century House Players web page.  

Remarkable Women of Irving House

Saturday March 6, 2021 brings a Zoom tour of historic Irving House.  “Remarkable Women of Irving House: Celebrating International Women’s Day” introduces three prominent women connected to the Irving family. Lynda Maeve Orr, Museum and archives tour guide, gives us a preview:

BONUS: Exterior and interior photos of Irving House and an Irving House ghost story.

Seniors and the Drugs We Take: Sylvia Helmer

This is a preview of an upcoming workshop.

As we age we tend to rely on more drugs, and that can lead to overmedication and adverse reactions. Century House member Sylvia Helmer, a volunteer with the Seniors Health and Wellness Institute, is facilitating a Zoom workshop outlining strategies seniors can use to avoid those consequences.  

Sylvia’s Zoom workshop “Age Well, Live Well with Safe Medication Use” is set for for 10:30 a.m. on Friday, February 26th at 10:30 a.m. To sign up check the details in the February Clarion (page 6) or call the century house front desk at 604-519-1066.

History: 1907 tram in Vancouver

Way back in 1907, an early adapter hooked up a very early version of a movie camera onto the front of a tram on the streets of downtown Vancouver. That footage has been renovated and colourized by the folks at Vancouver Museum and Archives. Here’s the link.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Comedian Janice Bannister proves that indeed “laughter is the best medicine”:

Scammers and How to Avoid Them

Curt Albertson talks to Tania Cernezel about Internet security.

January 2021

Check out the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre for all sorts of further information.

Marion Orser

Our second interview is with Marion Orser, who celebrated her 65th birthday by cycling across Canada.

Marion Orser interview

And here’s a slide show from the trip:

Marion Orser trip slides

The show is a project of SET: Seniors Embracing Technology and the temporary OCTOPUS program.

Talk New West uses an interview format, produced in house using Century House video recording facilities and equipment. The production team includes Curt Albertson (editor and lead interviewer), Tim Hicks (technical lead), Pat McDonald (researcher), and Shelly Schnee (Century House staff), with SET coordination by Joy St. John.

Videos are produced under strict COVID-19 rules, with masks for the crew and separation for the cast (note the barrier between them). We’ll be doing some interviews by Zoom.

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