What is Zoom?

Zoom is a centralized service supporting online meetings. Century House has an account that lets us host such meetings.

It’s free to use as a participant. You can use a desktop or laptop, smartphone or tablet, Apple or Android.  
You don’t need a Zoom account unless you want to host a meeting, and that can be free too, if you keep it small.

Getting started

For some meetings we ask you to register beforehand, so we know how many to expect (some meetings have a maximum capacity).

Whether it comes directly from us or after you register, you will get an invitation to the meeeting, with a link in it.

Your first meeting invitation will lead you through the very simple process of installing a small piece of software that handles the connection to the central service. you will be asked if it’s OK to install it.  It’s safe and free, so go ahead.

The meeting host can walk you through setup, but if you would like some help, just email us and we’ll set something up.

After registering

You will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.  Don’t forget when you get the confirmation you will look for the words “click here to join”, click there a few minutes before the session.  

For more information call 604-519-1066.

Last Reviewed on 2020-07-09

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