Meeting in the Middle was a Community Based Intergenerational Leadership Project of the Century House Association and City of New Westminster.  It was launched in March 2018, with a call for Youth and Senior Leaders and Project Leaders.

The goal was to deliver workshops & projects for community youth and seniors, in [what was then one of] the following areas:

  • Pay It Forward – develop projects where youth and seniors go into the community to initiate, support and/or participate in projects that support the New West community in different ways.
  • Art Outside – develop art projects outdoors.
  • Culinary Pursuits – explore nutrition, cooking and eating together.
  • Naturally Fun Adventurers – develop projects outside that deal with Nature.
  • Technology – video all the other Pods then work on and produce short videos of the development and execution of all the other Pods.


It started like this:                             Calling for technology partners:









Calling for cooks and artists:



The artists had an Art Outside celebration on Saturday October 27 at the Moody Park Lacrosse Box. And here’s the result, a remarkable mural on the 8th Avenue end of the box:

On March 2, 2019, the Pay It Forward section had an event (here’s the poster with details) that got a nice writeup in the New West Record paper here.