Welcome to the Century House Fitness and Fun Group page.

Early 2021

Century House is open for fitness classes ONLY.
During this time, fitness classes are no longer “drop in”.
There are limited spots so you must reserve and pay before you attend.
There’s a new registration process.
Residents can register one day before non-residents. Here are the details.

In Normal Times

What We Do: Several fitness classes keep people engaged active and moving. Teachers instruct beginners, keeping them safe, and add an element of fun and motivation to carry on.

Important to Know: The group is friendly and focused on each other’s well-being. Everyone has to start somewhere, and so there is lots of support for beginners to succeed,

When Do We Meet?: each day of the week – details are in the drop-in schedule on the back page of the Clarion.

What Is the Cost?: Fitness Drop-in Fees: $4.50 or buy a pass for $36 for 10 classes. All classes are co-ed.

Who Can Join?: Century House members; non-members may have 3 visits at the dropin fee before joining Century House.

For all fitness participants, Fitness and Fun is your voice. This Activity Committee meets 3 times plus organizes 2 social events a year. The meetings are your time to share ideas, thoughts, suggestions and/or comments.

Fitness and Fun Committee Meeting Minutes, Thursday, February 20, 2020

For more information on the fitness program please refer to The Clarion, or visit the Front Desk at Century House where staff will be happy to help you.

Last Reviewed on 2021-01-21

6 thoughts on “Fitness and Fun”

  1. Re registering for activities: Is there any progress towards making some activities easier to find and register for?
    Thanks, V

  2. Hello, can you please tell me when your zumba classes are. I searched your website but was not able to find this info.

    Thank you!

    1. They are not the easiest thing to find. Under Activities, the bottom item is Activity Brochures, and city-run activities like that are in the Winter Warmup brochure. Zumba Gold is Saturdays 930-1030, with sessions Jan 11 – Feb 8 and Feb 15 – March 14.

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