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Talk NewWest: Century House Window on the City is an online news magazine program that features content relevant to Century House members. That content will include interviews, podcast suggestions, along with links to feature items of general interest pulled from the web. The intention is for that content to be informative or entertaining and hopefully both.

Bits & Bytes

Web links to items of general interest.

Attention chocolate lovers!

The world loves its chocolate. And if you are looking for the exotic, there is a New Westminster retail outlet that specializes in specialty chocolate. Mind you, it comes at a price.
Georgia Straight article

Guide to Smart Phones

Smart phone manufacturers spend millions every year trying to convince consumers to purchase their latest upgrade. But for most of us, money is hard earned. Here are some useful pointers from the New York Times on what to consider before making what could be an expensive decision. 
Article as PDF

Robots to Humans

Robots to Humans? Meet Atlas and the startling advances in robot-to-human technology. They are on full display in this feature with accompanying video.  

Vaccine Hesitancy

Curious as to why so many Canadians are vaccine hesitant or outright refusers? Abacus, one of Canada’s most respected polling outfits, has compiled and analyzed over a year’s worth to data to come up with some answers. Read the results in this article.


Community outreach

 It is no secret that New Westminster has a significant “homeless” problem. Two years ago the New West Police organized the Vulnerable Persons Liaison Office to offer outreach to that community. For an update on that important initiative, Talk NewWest contacted its Constable, Camille Oliveira, for an interview. 

SET with Tim Hicks

The SET (Seniors Embracing Technology) initiative, including a reprise of its BYOD event, is gearing up for the Fall.


Podcasts can be both informative as well as entertaining. But given their sheer numbers, how do you find your way to ones you want.   We have some hints from Liz Hunter of the New West Public Library.

UBC Pharmacists’ Clinic & your medications

Got concerns about the amount of medications you are taking? The UBC Pharmacists Clinic is available to help. And soon there will be a collaboration between that Clinic and Century House. We have a preview.

Digital Hub

A new Century House partnership to help connect some of those seniors left behind to the internet will be coming our way in short order. 

Asian Giant Hornets

The Asian Giant Hornet, aka The Murder Hornet, wants to make BC its new home. Talk NewWest gets an update on the Province’s ongoing efforts to stop this incursion. 

Past videos

Older videos are still visible in our Youtube playlist.


(Recent statistics: there are two million podcasts with 48 million episodes and growing)

The intention is to bring some order to the chaos with podcast suggestions with short reviews on topics of general interest including but not limited to  Science, Books, History, Cooking, Gardening etc. The content will be curated by the Talk NewWest Host/Producer.

A podcast introduction TNW interview is available here.

The show is a project of SET: Seniors Embracing Technology and the temporary OCTOPUS program.

The production team includes Curt Albertson (producer, editor and host), Tim Hicks (technical lead), and Shelly Schnee (advisor and Century House coordination), with SET coordination by Joy St. John. And a special mention of the Talk NewWest research contributions of Pat Macdonald who has since moved on to different Century House projects.

Last Reviewed on 2021-09-23

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