Art, in all its forms, reflects the soul of a community.  Over the past year, our Century House community has had to adjust to a new reality, and Century House Players has faced this challenge with grit and determination.

Using the most recent technical know-how, Century House Players has been able to continue its programming using an online format which has allowed us to keep in touch with our wonderful audience.

While we are waiting to return to live performances, we would like to invite Century House members to join our team of actors and technicians. No acting experience is required. We promise you a warm welcome, an exciting challenge and the opportunity to be part of a fun-loving, creative team.

We are sending a very special invitation to Men.  Additional male actors on our team will allow us to consider a greater range of plays. We’re looking forward to meeting you and working with you.

Marilyn Remus, Artistic Director, 604-522-1741
Joy St. John, Stage Manager,  604-819-1946

NEW: The Action Auction

Our latest, “The Action Auction,” was written and directed by Marilyn Remus, and performed by members of the Century House Players. A former CH Player, Bob Costello, returned to join the fun of a Zoom Auction.  You’ll be surprised at the auction items!

Is Love Cancelled?

‘Is Love Cancelled?’ was written and directed by Century House Players own, Eileen Mackenzie. COVID-19 or  not,  love  should  not  be  cancelled  or  should  it  be!  You  won’t want to miss it:

The Incorrect Answer Is …

The Century House Players are pleased to present the funny play ‘The Incorrect Answer Is’. How can students be so creative with their exam answers? Do the students deserve extra credit for creativity? Does the Headmistress find true love at the Whipplewhiffer Academy for Exceptional Young Children? 

Going Up or Going Down

We hope you will enjoy the CH Players’ production of ‘Going Up or Going Down,’ written by the CH Players Artistic Director Marilyn Remus, performed by five of our members, and edited by our member Valerie Ross.  

Grace O’Malley, the Irish Pirate

In November 2020 our member Eileen Mackenzie did a solo Irish-accented presentation of “Grace O’Malley the Irish Pirate.” It’s a tale she wrote as a version of a true story about a wild Irish woman who was a wife, a mother, a pirate, a gambler, a soldier, and leader of men. Grace lived in the 16th century when Queen Elizabeth was conquering Ireland. The highlight of her story is when she travels to England to plead her case to Queen Elizabeth.

Directed by Marilyn Remus, Eileen now gives us the pleasure of her delightful reading of this interesting true story. Marilyn’s intro will give some more details. BONUS: Talk New West has a behind-the-scenes interview with Eileen about this show.

Last Reviewed on 2021-07-23

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