Today: Menu update, masks, library and provincial news

Menu update

The Pot Pie planned for Thursday is unavailable; we’ll be serving Salisbury Steak instead. [ menu ]  

NOTE: that link is permanent, so you might want to bookmark it.  It’s available from anywhere on the website under the heading “What’s happening.”


The free general-use masks mentioned in the previous post are mostly gone. More donated masks are arriving occasionally, but for now maybe call ahead, 604-519-1066, if you are about to drop by for a mask.

Library takeout

The New West Public Library has taken the first step toward reopening. Your editor placed a takeout order recently and will be going to the library Saturday to pick up four books (first pickups are Wednesday the 20th). Details are here.


British Columbia’s current status in the response to COVID-19 is documented here. There’s a lot of useful information.

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2 thoughts on “May 19 update”

  1. I also would like to congratulate Tim on all the work that is put into keeping the community of New Westminster updated. I especially like the updates about the latest scams and how to protect yourself from these individuals. I was also very impressed with the latest up to date information about the Covid-19 virus situation. It is obvious that the individuals who are members, staff and volunteers care deeply about the citizens of New Westminster and go above and beyond to service the community. Thank you.

  2. Thank you Tim for keeping us so well informed and up-to-date.
    To the mask makers, your work and effort in making us masks is much appreciated. Thank you.
    Pat D.

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