Cooling centres still open

It’s going to stay hot for a few more days, and now we have smoke too. Remember, the City cooling centres are still going, and Century House is open 24/7. This city page has all the details, incuding other cooling locations.

Talk New West: vaccine hesitancy

Fourteen percent of Canadians are still hesitant about, or refuse to get, the COVID-19 vaccine. Tune in to the latest edition of Talk NewWest to find out why.    

Regular items

Tech Time with Tim: Mac Preview

Preview is one of the most flexible, powerful and useful tools on your Mac desktop or laptop – and it’s free, built into the operating system. In this session of Tech Time with Tim, you’ll learn power-user tricks that are easy for everyone.  This session is suitable for you if you have a Mac desktop or laptop and you’re reasonably comfortable using it. If you have used PDFs, images and photos, that’s nice, but not essential; maybe this will get you started. 

Preview is a tool for looking at images, including PDF files (which are essentially pictures of documents), so that’s what we’ll look at, with live examples: 

  • images and photos – viewing, editing and converting
  • PDF files: view, merge, extract, print, annotate, and more

Wednesday, August 18  10:30 a.m. on Zoom Register in advance.

Tech Café: Get Set and Go Digital!

Want to get started or move forward with electronic devices? Whether it’s a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet, we can help.  We invite seniors to come with questions, problems and requests. You’ll meet tech ambassadors who will help you/

You can get help with: 

  • Ways to get a digital device that you can use 
  • How to connect to the internet, set up email, and accessing information online 
  • Setting up your device for talking with and seeing family and friends  
  • And many other questions that you might have to ask! 

Our own SET tech. experts will be joined by the tech specialist ambassadors from the New Westminster Digital Inclusion Hub, which is supporting at-risk and vulnerable people.

Join us Monday, August 16  1:30 – 3:30 p.m. in the Fir Room at Century House.
Yes, really – in person!

Call to register, 604.519.1066 –– or just drop in! 

One-time payment for many seniors

Canada’s Minister of Seniors has announced that “on the week of August 16, a one-time $500 payment will be sent to seniors who were born or before June 30, 1947 and were eligible for Old Age Security (OAS) in June 2021. Recipients will automatically receive the payment in the same way that they receive their OAS, whether  by a mailed cheque or direct deposit. This will not affect GIS payments.”     More information.

Editor’s note: this was announced quite a while ago and is finally here.

Last Reviewed on 2021-08-13

2 thoughts on “Century House update Aug. 13”

  1. Thank you Curt for the very timely and informative “Talk New West” on wildfire smoke.
    I learned lots and have now bookmarked the interactive real time map of pollution data.
    Thanks again!

  2. This is a wonderful service you’re providing. Thank you for your effective efforts in keeping Century House members and others stay in touch, and providing new information and methods to learn. Keep up the great work.

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