The Clarion is a monthly summary of what’s coming up at Century House. It’s available in paper form at the front desk, but the latest issue will always be here. We always announce a new Clarion via a blog post, and on our blog page you can subscribe to get an e-mail notification whenever we post a new item.


We are pleased to offer a new way to view PDF files such as the Clarion. 
We’ll now display them in a viewer so you can see them right here. 

To scroll up and down, you can use your mouse, up/down arrow keys, or PageUp/PageDown keys.
To download the file, use the little download button in the top bar, 3rd from the right. 
To resize the image, use the  plus-minus keys at the top middle.
To search, look at top left; click the little magnifying glass. Try searching for “birthday”

The links in the document will work. BUT NOTE: if you don’t want to lose your place in the newsletter,
RIGHT-click on the link and select “open in new tab.”

At the top left, there’s a button that will show or hide the page thumbnails (try it!)
We hope you like it.

Last Reviewed on 2020-12-16