Jenny Mah’s Adventure


Jenny Mah and her co-driver with their fabulous car;

Century House fitness instructor, Jenny Mah going on adventure of a lifetime!  “Preparation for this adventure has taken over a year, now it’s all coming together and will be a life changing epic adventure for me and my co-driver.  When I get back I will certainly share my stories with my Century House friends.”  Jenny leaves for her trip in May of this year.  Read all about it:

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  2 Responses to “Jenny Mah’s Adventure”

  1. Ms :Jenny M
    The Mom. of the kissing PB. Who knew” Driving a Ford. to Paris..
    slow on the curves..n’est ce pas?..bon voyage..K from BBY.xx

  2. So excited for my bestest littlest friend for this trip of a life time

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