Welcome to the Century House Fitness and Fun Group page.

What We Do: Several fitness classes keep people engaged active and moving. Teachers instruct beginners, keeping them safe, and add an element of fun and motivation to carry on.

Important to Know: The group is friendly and focused on each other’s well-being. Everyone has to start somewhere, and so there is lots of support for beginners to succeed,

When Do We Meet?: each day of the week according to the drop in schedule found on the back page of The Clarion.

What Is the Cost?: Fitness Drop-in Fees: $4.25 or buy a pass for $34.02 for 10 classes All classes are co-ed.

Who Can Join?: Century House members; non-members may have 3 visits at the dropin fee before joining Century House.

For all fitness participants, Fitness and Fun is your voice. This Activity Committee meets 3 times plus organizes 2 social events a year. The meetings are your time to share ideas, thoughts, suggestions and/or comments.

Fitness and Fun Committee Meeting Agenda/Minutes – April 19, 2018

Our Fitness Instructors:

  • Myken Beka – yoga, moderate and mild fitness
  • Deanne Rapacioli – moderate, mild fitness, dance exercise, steps, stretching/toning
  • Gillian Wright – moderate, mild, toning
  • Rose-Marie Preston – Yoga
  • Gayle Hryciw – Urban Poling
  • Gary Erickson – Tai Chi
  • Angela Kedans – Tai Chi
  • Sylvia Davis – Tai Chi
  • Jenny Mah – mild, Get Up & Go
  • Janice Stevens – Line Dance, Zumba
  • Ken Crisp – Square Dancing

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  1. Hi,

    I was wondering if there are any summer Tai Chi or yoga (mild and moderate) sessions for beginners available?

    Please let me know. I would really appreciate it.


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