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The Century House welcomes and considers all suggestions.

Please write your suggestion(s) in the comment box below.  Thank you!

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  1. The web site does not make t easy to tell what hours it is open. How about an UP TO DATE calender section, most of what is on the site now is years old

  2. Just had to let you know I received a chuckle with your last Century House program guide. An advertisement for a group of doctors comes right after the Seniors workout pages. LOL Thanks for the giggle.
    Love Lyn

  3. I am not a member yet to the Century House, but was wondering if you ever would have enough people to having a group interested in learning to play a penny whistle.I don’t know how to read music either, so I would be interested in learning that as well.
    Thank you.

  4. I am looking for a place to rent for a strata corporation nearby to hold an information meeting as well as their agm. Do you have meeting rooms for rent?

    • Hello Joan …
      Century House has one room which can be rented out subject to availability. Please contact Century House office at 604-519-1066 for more information.
      Regards, Laura

  5. I love Century House and all the wonderful people I have had the privilege to meet there. I just wish I could remember their names! 🙁
    I think most of us (especially age 75+) have trouble remembering names after being introduced. As time goes by, it becomes embarrassing and stressful (for me, at least) having to admit – yet again – “I’m sorry, I’ve forgotten your name”.
    We all need “tools”, “aids” “prompts” etc, depending on our various challenges.
    I was wondering if names tags could be considered. It would certainly reduce stress, and improve sociability (again – for me, at least).

  6. Just wondering why the majority of scheduling at the Century House is only during the day. There are still many “seniors” (especially those just over 50 years) that are still working and would like to attend a class or event after work. Not everyone can attend at 10am or 1pm! The Century House has some lovely facilities available but apparently the city does not want them to be put to too much use!

  7. My question is regarding the shortened summer hours of Century house. I find it most disappointing that the facility closes at 4pm weekdays. I note with interest that the youth center does not suffer the same reduction in services remaining open until 9pm, nor do other senior centers in the lower mainland eg Maple Ridge Can you tell me why the apparent snubbing of the senior population?

  8. Hello, I’m with Canada Scooters and we have published a “Guide To Scooter Safety Book”.

    We’ve worked with seniors since 2003 and know how important mobility scooter safety is. We don’t charge for the book. It’s free to download off our site.

    Free Guide:

  9. I cannot find anywhere, including the membership manual, what age you classify as “senior” for the purposes of membership. Are you able to email me directly with this information?

  10. I finally decided to try out pickleball as had been suggested some time ago

    It was great fun and exercise and the people I met were great

    Can’t say enough about the first grade facilities & equipment and the air con keeps

    things nice & cool – thanks to those who work so hard to keep it going

    Would like to suggest ( as a first timer & learner ) that beginners have a set time to meet and

    experienced players also have a set time – it felt strange a learner playing with far more experienced

    players who know the rules and the moves

    • Hi Ted, If you left your contact information on the sign in sheet on the Pickleball Court, we will call you to discuss how we can help you learn the game. You can also get the Pickleball Club contact information at the Century House front desk.

      • Good Morning Josie
        Thank you for your reply. I left my name & contact number on the sign in sheet
        for Thur Jul 23

        Regards, Ted

  11. My children and their grandparents came to the century house today for the haunted house only to learn that it had been cancelled. I suggest next year it is noted in the new est halloween brochure that registration is required. All other events that require registration note “registration fee” and an actual registration number. I was under the impression that it was an open event like the pumpkin patch as that as well had no “registration” noted or registration number. It’s unfortunate as the kids were looking forward to it.

  12. To whom it may concern,
    Last week I had the good fortune to win a gift certificate to London Drugs
    Through Century House seniors day. I thank all concerned and still find
    it hard to believe, as I’m one of those that never seems to win….
    I have sent a note to London Drugs. Had a hard time sending it via my I-pad
    so do Hope it went through.
    Lillian Ray

  13. Thanks, Gavin … I have added the most recent Media Alert that you mentioned. I also receive these alerts and can post other suitable ones as they arrive.

  14. I receive notifications from the New Westminster police and Block Watch that would be of importance to seniors, how would these notifications be processed through this website. The latest bulletin involves the impersonation of a Shaw cable repair person by a person who wants to gain access to apartments.

    • Great idea Gavin ……this would be increasingly valuable as more of our members subscribe to the Century House posts. I am always advocating that they take advantage of,thid when I work with our members in the Computer Room

  15. I will look into this suggestion, Dorothy. Incidently, the Clarion is easily available on the Century House Association website, so people should not have to navigate through the Parks, Culture and Recreation website to see it.
    Appreciate your kind words 🙂

  16. Yes, please. it would be nice to be part of a subscriber list which sends the latest edition directly to the subscribers …as Is done with newspapers and magazines. It then downloads from the email to my iPad and I can read it, refer to it etc., wherever I am. I have then been able to refer to it when in discussion with others,etc. I have the 3 latest editions on my iPad and often refer to them.

    this week I was contacting the 6 people who have signed up for the iPad support group …. When I wrote them by email, I included the latest Clarion .pdf file ….. Many have replied that they hoped they could get it this way regularly.

    It should be simple to do. When a person provides their email to get on the Century House website blog list, they could have the option to check a box if they wish to subscribe to the monthly issue of the Clarion. Much simpler for a neophyte computer user than have to navigate to the Parks & Rec. site, etc in order to get it.

    Thanks for responding. greatly admire the work you are doi g to keep this website going. Much appreciated. Dorothy

  17. Hi Dorothy …

    Do I understand that you want the Clarion emailed to you rather than opening the website and reading it there?

  18. the Clarion

    Given that the Clarion is now available on the web site, could we then have a mailing list of people who wish to get it this way ? It could then be sent to each of us as soon as it is posted on the web site. I do enjoy reading it on my iPad.

  19. We might spell ‘humour’ the Canadian way…Have not poofread (sic) all.

    I might get an iPad – a support group sounds like a good idea.

    Came to look for names of Heart to Art leaders, it may be here somewhere, have to run.

    • I don’t think the leaders for Heart 2 Art have been selected yet. Stay tuned, I will post as soon as I have the information.

    • LOL – It took close to a year but you are the first person to spot that (at least publicly): Congratulations you are hired as our Proofreader!

  20. iPad user support group –
    I find that an increasing number of my friends are buying or being given an iPad. Having really enjoyed using one for the past couple of years, would be interested in getting involved in running an informal support group at Century House to assist new users. are there any others interested?

    • I’m sure there are others who would benefit from such a group. Would you consider sitting down with Shelly Schnee, the Programmer at Century House, to discuss it further? She can be reached at 604-519-1066.

    • iPads are fantastic devices and are an inexpensive, portable, and simple way for people to connect to the Internet.

      I use mine for Skype, email, browsing the net, and of course games and other useful apps.

      I highly recommend iPads for seniors and here is a great article why Click Here To Read

      • was able to speak to Shelly on the phone this morning to discuss iPads at Century House. I have offerred to provide support to anyone wishing help with their iPad. It is not clear as to whether the Wi-Fi at Century House is easily accessible for iPads, will explore that further. Although without Wi-Fi, full use of the iPad is not possible, basic assistance is still possible.

        • At last ….. An iPad Support Group will get underway next month. 6 people have signed the sheet at the front desk … Expressing an interest in having this group. check with the front desk for date and time. It will be held I. The dining room area at 2 pm on afternoon.

  21. I have just learned there is a gentle Yoga routine for Arthritis sufferers. Does Century House have such a program? If not, perhaps you may want to start one.

  22. where do i go to find the photos?

    • Hello, You can find photos under the main navigation menu at the top of the page under the About Us tab titled “Photo Albums”. Then click on the album title to open up the page with the associated photos.

  23. (This suggestion was received via email – Thank you Patricia)

    I would like to request that these subjects would be of interest to the membership.

    A talk about Gardening with Arthritis. There was a session given a few years back; I believe by the Arthritis Society; and it was most helpful and several people attended .

    A trip to UBC to see the Museum of Anthropology and the Beaty Biodiversity Museum, with enough time allowed in both Museums to look at everything. This does not need to be combined with anything else except perhaps, a brief coffee stop, or possibly the Botanical Garden as there is so much to see.

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