Century House staff and the Association have now announced the cancellation of the Night in Ireland, Thrift Sale, and Sunday Dance.

The province’s threshold for requiring cancellation is a potential attendance of 250 or more. While Night in Ireland and Sunday Dance are below this limit, there is an understanding that our demographic is more susceptible to this virus.

In addition, individual activity groups may make their own decisions to cancel. Carpet Bowling is suspended until further notice.

We will continue to follow the guidance and updates of the City (here), the province, and Fraser Health. We are also following the best practices noted in our earlier post, here.

6 thoughts on “Cancellations”

  1. Is there any plans to temporarily cancel the drop in and registered fitness and yoga classes? Sometimes there are 50 people in the classes. As much as we try and follow the correct cleanliness procedures, we are all using the same equipment from class to class.

  2. Hi. I really think that all drop-in and registered classes should be cancelled for a while and that we should compensate the instructors for missed classes. I also think that the hot lunch program might continue but on a sign-up basis; some of these folks are quite vulnerable and we could help monitor them a well as keep them properly informed.

  3. So sorry to hear about the cancellations, especially the Thrift Sale. This not only brings in money to help with all the programs but also allows objects to move from someone who got good use from them to someone who can put them to use again.

  4. Judt wondering if the intention is to reschedule the thrift sale in a few months (or when safe to do so) or it will not occur until next year.

    1. Some events that we cancel may be rescheduled, but in the current situation we are more focused on the decision to cancel/suspend;
      decisions about next steps may take a few days or weeks longer.

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