Right now Century House staff instructions are to carry on with best practices set out by Fraser Health Authority as follows: 

  1. CH staff are following direction from the Health Authority.
  2. CH staff continue to encourage good hygiene, (hand washing, cover mouth and nose when coughing, staying home when sick).
  3. CH Staff are being proactive in doing extra cleaning of all surface areas that are frequently touched, installation of hand sanitizer and hand washing promotions, moving to touchless paper towel dispensers in main washrooms.

2 thoughts on “Update from Century House staff”

  1. J. J. Gutierrez (Jay)

    Good morning JH,
    I visited C.H. yesterday, while my friends were playing badminton. One of them mentioned to me that, I believe, last Tuesday someone played table tennis, who recently came back from a Cruise trip has been tested positive lately for the COVID-19. Do you know anything about it? If you do please let me know to take personal cautionary measures.
    Thank you

    1. Jay,

      Since this website is run by volunteers, I have referred your question to Jacklyn, CH recreation supervisor, for reply. Feel free to follow up with her at 604 519 1066.


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