Some time ago we discovered that our website was built on a design theme that was no longer supported. In the fast-developing world of WordPress websites, this exposed us to a risk of various compatibility problems. So we got a new theme, did some housecleaning, and moved the furniture around a bit.

What’s New?

  • We now have a real home page for first-time visitors
  • A new menu section “What’s Happening” contains the former home page and the main blog page, plus the cafeteria menu and the Week At A Glance list from the Clarion.
  • Location, Hours and Contact are moved into the footer, where many websites have them.

Blog posts and pages

  • A page is a static display of information. Many pages will remain valid for a long time, such as the History pages.
  • A blog post is more of an announcement, and may have a short life. Facebook and Twitter are essentially blogs. Our main blog page lists the active ones, newest first.
  • The Current News page is a bit of a compromise. It contains things that may have been announced in a blog but remain valid for a while and should be easy to find for reference until they expire. It’s much like a bulletin board

Nobody’s perfect

We’ve tried really hard to implement all these changes flawlessly. But, as Roseanne Roseannadanna used to say, “It’s always something.” If you spot a problem on the site, please email

4 thoughts on “A new look!”

  1. Mr. Rick and Mrs. Frances Blake

    Wow the new format is great. For some reason I was unable to open it when I first tried but today it seems just fine.

  2. I’m impressed, Tim. The new format is very easy to follow and full of info! You’ve done a great job. Thank you for your efforts.

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