Aug 212019

If you are age 60+ and enjoy music making and working with children, we need you! The Music Making Together program is an intergenerational, community-based program focused on bringing together preschool children (aged 3-4 years) and seniors (aged 60+ years) to engage in music making, which includes creative activities involving a combination of art making, singing, small percussion instruments, movement, and creative technology with iPads.

The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra School of Music is delighted to be working with SFU to deliver this FREE 12-week course this fall, Mondays from 12.45-1.30pm, beginning September 9th. No musical experience necessary, just a willingness to have fun! It takes place at the VSO School of Music, 843 Seymour Street, Vancouver. 

To register or find out more, please contact Gillian Hunter-Gibbs: or 604-915-9300, ext 106

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