Mar 132018

Meeting in the Middle

Community Based Intergenerational Leadership Projects

Application for Youth and Senior Leaders and Project Leaders

The Century House Association and City of New Westminster are looking for youth and seniors to work in a group with a Project Leader to deliver workshops & projects for community youth and seniors. The workshops will be one of the following areas:

  • Pay It Forward – develop projects where youth and seniors go into the community to initiate, support and/or participate in projects that support the New West community in different ways.
  • Art Outside – develop art projects outdoors.
  • Culinary Pursuits – explore nutrition, cooking and eating together.
  • Naturally Fun Adventurers – develop projects outside that deal with Nature.
  • Technology – this Pod will video all the other Pods then work on and produce short videos of the development and execution of all the other Pods.

Application for Project Leaders (19+) >>

Application for Youth and Senior Leaders >>

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