Dec 092017

We are writing you in hopes of asking for your assistance in finding our lost dog Mika.
Mika is a recently rescued dog, who was happily settling in with her new family when she went missing on Nov. 17th from New Westminster.
There have been several sightings of her in New Westminster, most recently on Dec. 6th, however she has been seen in South Burnaby as well.
She may be searching for food in back alleys, garbage bins or behind restaurants and trying to find shelter from this extremely cold weather in garages, sheds, backyards or under bushes.
We kindly ask that you relay this information to your members and if they see her to call us immediately.
Please do not approach her as she is fearful of strangers and may run.
Please see attached picture.

With Gratitude,
(604) 715-8699

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