Feb 242017

Not all hacking is code.

Some of the most incredible solutions come from brainstorming. In this two-hour no-code workshop, your main tool is your brain, and the sky is the limit. Faciltiated by New Westminster City Staff, Mark Allison, Manager, Strategic Initiatives and Sustainabilty and Norm Connelly, Community Energy Manager, participants will get to vote on a problem to solve, and then work together to brainstorm a solution. The topic isn’t selected until the group comes together making it a real-time, innovative way to address possible challenges that need solving. Some possible ideas you might see upon walking into the room include: emergency preparedness, housing affordability, accesibility, and revolutionizing energy usage. Suited to adults or teens with an interest in seeing New West continue to adapt and prepare for the future, this workshop focuses on using innovation, always. Register: http://bit.ly/2lSJEcO

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